Multi-way Poker Solved!   Learn to play the highest EV preflop ranges from UTG to Big Blind. Limp, Open Raise, Flat Call, 3-bet+, and more..


MonkerGuy combines the knowledge of top poker professionals and 'Game Theory Optimal' computer simulations to solve multi-way poker. Learn optimal strategy for every NLH, PLO, MTT and ICM situation from Heads Up to 6max. We provide fully browsable hand range charts for MonkerViewer, the full game simulation .mkr for MonkerSolver and exported NLH preflop ranges in PioSolver .txt format.

MonkerSolver (Hold'em)

MonkerViewer (Hold'em)

MonkerViewer (Omaha)

For detailed instructions on how to setup and use MonkerViewer, see the MonkerGuy Knowledge Base.


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